EvenTri – Event Management and Time Attendance 3 methods NFC/QR CODE/BEACON

EvenTri an app designed for event management companies and corporate companies

EvenTri allow you to use 1 of 3 methods to register attendees NFC – QR – BEACON and it can be used as time attendance for employees as well as events

Upload attendees in the back-end or register them using the app to allow them to access your events, workshops, seminars and all the activities run by your company

EvenTri app replaces the traditional tickets for events with NFC tags, QR codes and Beacons, an app running on Android devices! EvenTri database was specially designed to handle thousands of attendees at once. The app features four different types of functions:

1) Check-in / Check-out
Used to create time records of attendees checking-in and out of the event or even certain locations that have an entry/exit point. NFC tags or QR codes may be used as scan-able tickets for the attendees, in addition to this you can use Beacons to automatically register attendees once they are inside the geo-zone allocated to the beacon.

2) Registration
Registration can be used for on-site registration of attendees or personnel (i.e. vendors).
You can use either an NFC tag, or a QR code for the registration of the newly registered person.

3) User Friendly back-end
Generate various reports using web based back-end
Uploading attendees to Event Managements backend is easy and simple, with only a few clicks of a mouse you can upload several thousands of attendees to the database.

▶ Thousands of attendees can be uploaded at once through the web back-end.
▶ Each user account has a table where they can upload their own company logo or event logo.
▶ See which employees checked in which attendees, the time/date, and the check-in location.
▶ Assign new NFC tag or QR code tickets or Beacons while at the event to improve ticket sales.

▶ Replace traditional paper based ticketing systems with NFC tags , QR codes and Beacons.
▶ Attendee data can be viewed anywhere with a PC connected to web.
▶ Master data entry can be easily administered in web.
▶ The data stored in the cloud is very useful for further processing and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet , csv or pdf.
▶ Add your own logo within the app
▶ Install it in your own server if required.